List of different types of clothing styles for women

List of different types of clothing styles for women

The list of different types of clothing styles for women? Seasons change and so does fashion, some influencers bring high comfort to the rescue while others help you to be the DIVA of the town! We often see these fashion trends being picked up from our favourite celebrities or from the fashion lane dated years back. This year as well we noticed the same 90s trending fashion making its way in our closet. So let’s visit the 10 trends that are again in the fashion market with a pinch of Gen Z twist with its bold and bright colours.


Maxi Dresses

A comfortable and go- to wear when you are in the mood of mixing and matching the bottom and tops. It is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing your wardrobe can have. Dress it up either with a hat, sunglasses and a fancy bag or dress it down with just a pair of chunky shoes.

Maxi dresses scream comfort and style.



Shattering the old stereotypes, Bralettes are the sexy and bold look for every woman. Either wear it under a blazer or throw it over a shirt, bralette can do it all.

It can be the best alternative to the uncomfortable bras dying in your closet.

A bralette can be worn with a slip dress, a blazer, shorts and last but not the least even over t-shirts.


Bucket hats

From Kylie to Ranveer Singh, bucket hats are the new trendsetters.The hat became popular in the 90s among the rappers and was added as a street fashion soon after that. Be it printed, floral, plain or Tye dyed, this fashion trend is a staple for Bollywood to Hollywood.


Chunky Shoes

Chunky sneakers come and go every season and are always a go-to choice for most fashion lovers. Eiher wear them under a cute short dress or pair them with basic jeans, these chunky sneakers are the gems of one’s wardrobe. Whether you are a sneakerhead or not – one pair of these should definitely be in your shoe collection.


Wide leg pants

 If comfort is your priority, this should be at the top of your list. It is the best option for a summery afternoon and is a perfect fit for your lunch plan. You can look stylish with your comfortable and stylish pants and can enjoy your time without worrying about the uncomfortable tight fitted jeans.

Wide leg pants pull down your insecurities and give extra space for your legs to breathe. And yes! A loose fit to let you have one more bite of that scrumptious dessert guilt free.


Mesh tops

Mesh tops have taken the fashion world by storm. The one and only fashion trend which doesn’t fit to just one season and is feasible in all. Styled with jackets or worn over a bra, it speaks creativity! This second skin can make the most comfortable and hot outfit for this summer without burning your skin in the heat.


Academia style

If school uniforms were infused with some fashion, it would look exactly like this style. blazers, layered necklaces, ankle length boots, sneakers, this style has it all. It has the academic touch that takes you to the world of Korean drama. It looks subtle yet impactful enough to have people’s attention on you.


The big sleeves

Shark tanks had a contestant talking about her sleeve business. She wasn’t selected at the end but we should know she was already two steps ahead of us because big sleeves are back in fashion. It spices up confidence and adds a classic touch to your look. These big sleeves bring up your whole outfit  bringing all the attention to those massive and beautiful designs. So, now whenever you want to carry your confidence,  you know what to go for.


The Colour Pop

 It is time to ditch those old mixing and matching and just jump into the new bold race of owning different bold colours. Pairing a pink suit over orange or a green over purple, the internet is going crazy over these colour clashes. This colour pop trend has pushed all the Gen Z’s to invade their ancestral closet and turn them into a fashion trend by just adding more colours to it. It has brought creativity and sustainment to the world of fashion!


Crochet sets

What crochets? *Insert Grandmother happy screams* Yes, crochets are back and that too as a summer trend. It is the style of choice in the beaches and pool side dates. Packing your bag for a summer holiday, you definitely need to keep a crochet set.


We are finally done with all these amazing summer looks. So What are you waiting for, go and grab your look right now.