What is SMS marketing?

SMS marketing is the practice of using text Massages to send promotional campaigns & transactional messages for marketing objectives (SMS). The first purpose of these messages is to inform customers who have opted in to receive text messages from your business or company about time-sensitive deals, updates and alerts. Businesses use SMS to send Offers, notifications, timely information, targeted discounts, and new updates on the status of orders. The use of these SMS campaigns enables the promotion of goods while also fostering positive client relationships.

What Is the Purpose of SMS Marketing?

SMS marketing can be applied in a variety of situations. To assist you to understand what you can accomplish with SMS text and how it could benefit your organization, I’ll go over some of the most popular use cases

e-commerce or retail enterprises' short-term promotions

A great technique to increase traffic to your store or website is through coupons and promotions. You obviously want as many people to know about a sale or campaign that is only available for a short period of time. In particular, if you want to inform customers while they are moving, SMS text campaigns are a terrific way to deliver these offers. In the process, you can be certain that they will not be lost due to late notification.

Urgent information on events or customer demands

There are many moving components involved in the planning and execution of an event. It becomes harder to deliver the relevant information to everyone the more individuals there are at the event.

Appointment reminder

If your business depends on scheduled appointments, you certainly know how difficult it can be when clients cancel or arrive late. The total absence of customers becomes even more troubling. This not only disrupts your routine but also wastes your time. It implies that you might have declined other appointments because the time period for that appointment was already taken.

Internal warnings

It can be hard to inform everyone at once with essential communications (office closures, emergency information, etc.) if you have a large workforce. You can contact them, but there’s a chance they won’t read it (I know I don’t frequently check my work email outside of work). Using SMS text Campaign, you can be sure that everyone gets your message on time.

Advantages of SMS marketing

Ecommerce shops

SMS text Marketing is a fantastic avenue for e-commerce marketing, whether you’re sending out promotional campaigns or order/shipping confirmations.

Travel agencies

SMS is very important for travel agencies as customers require complete real-time information during travel. This includes gate flight cancellations, adjustments, and many more.

Service providers seeking placements

SMS reminders are sent to ensure that no customer misses an appointment. so that he doesn’t miss his appointment. This can help you avoid wasting a tonne of time and money on appointments that people don’t show up for.

Large companies with 100+ staff members

Email is too slower for urgent information. The easiest approach to guarantee that each employee receives the information you want to provide them at the appropriate moment is to use SMS Marketing for internal communications.

What is the Process of SMS Marketing?

Short codes, as opposed to complete phone numbers, are used to send text messages. These short codes are typically 5–6 digits long and can be shared among several senders or assigned to one sender. The sender’s information cannot be changed in many nations, including the US. Since your supplier utilized whatever short code, your message will show as an SMS text Campaign (not from your business). The name of your business should be in the message because of this.

With SMS marketing, you can send two types of messages:

Campaigns: The standard “one-to-many” bulk text massages format is used for SMS campaigns. They oftentimes broadcast general information (offers, specials, coupons, etc.). (Weather alerts, event details, updates, etc.).

Transactional: A certain occurrence or behavior might cause “one-to-one” text massages known as “transactional” Text marketing to be sent. An example would be an order confirmation or shipping notification for an online transaction. These communications provide timely and consistent information to the individual.

Can SMS Marketing Help Your Business?

Test it on your audience to find out—the only one who can! If you already use email, consider including SMS marketing in your strategy.

You should now have a better understanding of SMS, including its benefits. Here’s a quick rundown of key advantages:

  • real-time
  • high engagements
  • reliable delivery
  • direct connection with the customer
  • compliments your email marketing strategy

Join an SMS marketing platform, start collecting phone numbers, and get engaged!

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