Top 5 Young Entrepreneurs in India 2023

Young Entrepreneurs in India: What is the clear feature that separates age X and age Y? The proper response would be enterprise, which refers to the conversion of an answer into a possible startup company. The ability to turn an answer into an improvement differentiates a common person from a business person. Moreover, in today’s world, commercial enterprise is by far the most effective way to achieve success. The following are 5 such young entrepreneurs in India who are ready to become huge social influencers in 2023.

5 Young Entrepreneurs in India

Tilak Mehta

Age: 16

Founder: Papers N Parcel

Tilak Mehta is one of the young entrepreneurs in India who has shown that there is no age barrier to creation and entrepreneurship. It just takes a sense of wonder to do something out of the usual to have an impact. India’s youngest entrepreneur founder of ‘Papers n Parcels,’ a Mumbai-based app-based courier company that provides one-day parcel services in partnership with Mumbai Dabbawalas. His goal in establishing this courier service was to secure a same-day delivery of items to more than thousands of customers at a cheaper cost within the area of Mumbai.

Papers N Parcels is a company that provides door-to-door delivery & pickup facilities for anything, from pens to critical documentation. It delivers around 1200 parcels to its locations daily. Tilak feels that “any ordinary youngster who is interested enough to learn why, when, and what?” Anyone can become an entrepreneur. Even when you deal with various obstacles on your path, what matter is that we keep pushing forward.”

Shreelakshmi Suresh

Age: 23

Founder: eDesign & TinyLogo

Shreelakshmi is one of the young entrepreneurs in India. When we were three, many of us had no idea what a computer was.  On the other hand, Shreelakshmi was a talented girl who was operating the computer at a similar age. She is so bright that she created her first website at the age of six. She is one of the young female entrepreneurs in India. She even established the webpage for the school in which she was enrolled. All of her passion and ability resulted in her company, eDesign, which she founded in 2009 while she was just 11 years old.

Sreelakshmi is generally considered the world’s youngest CEO & web designer. She has also got numerous prizes in appreciation of her talent. She founded TinyLogo in contrast to eDesign. She has a passion for creating websites.

Akhilendra Sahu

Age: 20

Founder: ASTNT Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Sahu began his own business at the age of 17 years. He is one of the young entrepreneurs in India. Many young children his age were unfamiliar with the business world. However, he was interested in learning and desired to start his company. He started as a freelancer to get knowledge and experience in the business.

At the time, Sahu faced various obstacles and was generally referred to as too young and insane to achieve such big goals. He spends a lot of effort to get to the point he is now. His dedication and passion paved the way for him to succeed in life.

Divya Gandotra Tandon

Age: 18

Founder: Scoop Beats Pvt. Ltd.

Divya starts the business industry as a YouTuber. She is one of the young indian female entrepreneursShe was anxious to discover more about the most recent and popular technology offered. She did, however, like to tell others about the facts. That’s when her passion for technology developed into a wish to assist others. She began uploading unpacking and reviewing videos on her YouTube channel to help others realize what they were buying. She is one of the young entrepreneurs in India and founded TheScoopBeats, a journalism, and multimedia organization, after discovering she could do even more to provide correct information to her audiences.

Using social media, it has over 90,000 followers of different ages. She is now an Instagram entrepreneur with 20,000 followers. While her friends were enjoying their teens, Divya actively worked to reach her goal. She has not just transformed her own life, but also the lives of 600 other individuals. She is a multi-talented young Indian female entrepreneur with experience in celebrity administration, managing social media & online engagement.

Farrhad Acidwalla

Age: 27

Founder: CYBERNETIV DIGITAL & Rockstah Media

Farrhad Acidwalla is one of the young entrepreneurs in India and the founder of Rockstah Media and CYBERNETIC DIGITAL, both web development media companies. His organization assists in website development, ad, advertising, and rebranding. Farrhad’s creative journey starts when he was just 13 years old, with the creation of an online platform for $1200.

After that, he invested 500 rupees to get an online domain. Moreover, such was his passion and attraction that he was having meetings and hosting programs on CNN just at the age of 17!

Farrhad has now completely mounted the climbing stool to become one of the most sought-after self-made entrepreneur strategists in recent times, and he holds the prestigious status of being the youngest visitor lecturer at IIT Kharagpur’s ‘Yearly Entrepreneurial Conference.’ He has also come out with his story, his way of thinking, & his goals as a TEDx global-class speaker.