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New Series Xbox Series S

The Xbox Series S is a next-generation gaming console developed by Microsoft. It was released on November 10, 2020, alongside the more powerful Xbox Series X console. The Series S is a more affordable option, with a price tag of $299, compared to the Series X, which is priced at $499.

The Xbox Series S features a custom AMD Zen 2 processor, an RDNA 2 GPU with 4 teraflops of processing power, and 10GB of GDDR6 RAM. It also includes a high-speed 512GB SSD, which provides fast load times and quick access to games and apps. The Series S is capable of playing games in up to 1440p resolution at 120 frames per second, with support for ray tracing and HDR.

One of the unique features of the Xbox Series S is its compact design, which is 60% smaller than the Series X. It also does not have a disc drive, so all games must be downloaded digitally. However, players can still access their physical game libraries through Microsoft's cloud gaming service, Xbox Game Pass.

The Xbox Series S is compatible with a wide range of Xbox accessories, including controllers, headsets, and storage devices. It also supports backward compatibility, allowing players to play select Xbox One, Xbox 360, and original Xbox games on the console.


Xbox Series S

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