Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek Uttarakhand 2023

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek

Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek is a high-elevation grassland in the Garhwal Himalayas near Wan hamlet, en route to “Mystery Lake” Roopkund. This meadow is lush green all year and is in full bloom. This place’s calming greenery, encircled by mountains, leaves nothing to be wished for. Ali Bedni bugyal trek best place for trekking in Uttarakhand.

From Ali Bedni Bugyal, you can see beautiful views of Mt. Trishul, Nandaghunti, and Chaukhamba peaks; this viewpoint is very attractive, and one cannot move their eyes away from the exotic views. The wonderful camping areas are also another reason to visit. 

Camping on a Bugyal encircled by flowers under a calm sky near the quietly running Bedni Kund’s water inspires and revives the atmosphere. This is best trekking place in Uttarakhand. This region is rich in vegetation, with flowers offering beauty to the beautiful green grasslands, as well as a range of birds and animals.

Highlights of Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek

Trek to the highest altitude of the valley to witness the biggest mountain scenery, the whole face — over 6000-7000 ft of a mountain rising straight in front of you.

Pass the lush forests of Ghairoli Patal with shrubs, oaks, and teak, with amazing Himalayan peaks rising tall in the distance by Chaukambha peak.

Trek through the meadows, where animals feed, birds chirp, and tiny flowers enhance the beauty.

Best time to visit Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek

The best time to visit the Ali Bedni Bugyal trek is in June when it is summer. However, it is available and pleasant all year, and each season has its beauty and advantages.

Summer (May-June)

Bugyal’s winter ends during the months of May and June when the grasslands start to change to their unique olive-green carpet look. The mornings are clear, which is excellent for mountain shooting, even though the nights are usually foggy with summer showers.

Autumn (September- November)

Rain remains to fall throughout the first half of September. The Bugyals stay mainly green, with certain flowers from the previous season blossoming until the end of September. Grasslands turn yellow in October, but you’ll see a whole different element of it. The fog clears, and you can see the mountain region properly.

Winter (December- February)

Winter has the finest weather of all season. The atmosphere is perfect, and the views are sharp and clear, with diverse visibility. Snow starts in December and can last until February. The Bugyals stay yellow to pale yellow for a long period, with white patches. If you love winter, don’t miss this though.

Itinerary of Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek

DAY 1: Rishikesh to Lohajung

The start of your Ali Bedni Bugyal Trek with your meeting in Lohajung with your trek leader.

This will be your rest day. On the first day, you can go shopping or drive to the local.

Overnight stay the night in Lohajung.

DAY 2: Lohajung to Didna Village

6.5 kilometers trek in 4-5 hours | 7,650 feet to 8,100 feet

Arrive at Didna around lunchtime. Homestay facilities in the village.

Despite the lack of a local market, the Networks are available.

Moderate fall till Ruan Bagad Bridge (4.5 km).

Fill your water bottle from the Neel Ganga river at Ruan Bagad bridge.

After passing the ruan bagad bridge, the trek to Didna Village takes about two hours (2 km).

DAY 3: Didna to Khobal Tal via Ali Bedni Bugyal

Today’s trek will take us through the beautiful village of Ali Bedni Bugyal.

The village rises 3400 meters above sea level (11000 ft).

The hamlet is known as India’s highest populated location.

The beautiful village is located on the mountain’s top and is visible from Didna, your final camping spot. So, the trek starts in the village and goes to the top of Ali Bedni Bugyal.

During the springtime, the mountain path is covered in shrubs.

On the slope, there are already oak and teak trees.

Most of this vegetation adds color to the trip.

After a 3-4 hr trek, Ali Bedni Bugyal, the most expected attraction, will surprise you.

DAY 4: Khobal Tal to Ghairoli Patal

You will now start your journey to Ali Bedni Bugyal on road situated on the right side of Ghairoli Patal.

The distance from your starting and ending locations for day 3 is 4 kilometers, and the climb is difficult.

Enjoy the scenic beauty of the Ali Bedni Bugyal trek location.

By late evening, you’ll be returned to the Ghairoli Patal for overnight camping.

DAY 5: Ghairoli Patal to Lohajung

7km trek in 5-6 hrs | 10,500 ft to 7,650 ft

Neel Ganga to Ghaeroli Patal (3 km difficult descent).

Ranka Dhar to Neel Ganga (1 km moderate climb).

Road-head connected Ranka Dhat towards Wan Village (3 km descent).

Wan Village towards Lohajung (45-minute drive)

DAY 6: Lohajung to Rishikesh

Drive 210 kilometers within 10 hours.

We offer you a pleasant journey forward in early morning breakfast.