Dodital Trek Uttarakhand 2023

Dodital Trek: A Hidden Heaven

Dodital Trek is among Uttarakhand’s most amazing treks. Dodital is a beautiful lake situated among high mountains at 3310 meters high. Dodi Tal, with its quiet environment and peaceful surroundings, is one of North India’s most attractive high-altitude lakes. Dodital lake is one of the best trekking places in Uttarakhand.

Highlights of Dodital Trek

Dodital Trek Uttarakhand is considered one of the most desirable treks in the world, rising at 3310 m and known as the world’s most beautiful lake.

Get an opportunity to witness the gorgeous temple devoted to Lord Ganesha, which is considered Ganesha’s birthplace.

During the trek, take in the stunning views of the Dhauladhar and Himalayan Ranges.

Get the pleasure to camp under a clear night sky, on a high peak surrounded by mountains, and enjoy viewing the sky.

Grey mongoose, Wild sparrow, Pink bird, Munia, Popular Chiffchaff, Himalayan Tree Pie, Tailor Bird, and Himalayan Monal are among the birds observed.

Overview of Dodital Trek

Dodital trek is a must-do trek, situated high in the Himalayas at an altitude of 3310 feet above sea level. This trek, considered one of the most scenic in North India, has attracted visitors from all over the world. Begin the journey in Dehradun, drive to the charming small village of Sangam Chati from Uttarkashi, and begin the trek to see the Agoda village.

Dodital Dwara Lake is a lovely trekking spot enveloped by pine and fir trees. Breathe in the beauty and look out at the lake for as long as possible. During the dorital trek, you can see birds such as the Brown Woodpecker, Grey Rat, Red-Billed Blue Pigeon, Bush Sparrow, Munia, Popular Chiffchaff, Himalayan Whistling Nightingale, Himalayan Trees, Weaver Bird, and Himalayan Monal. This Dodital trek itinerary would surely deliver the greatest trekking experience.

Best time to visit Dodital Trek

Summers (April-June) and winters (November-March) are the best time to visit Dodital trek (October-December). Winter trek is also available during January and March.


During the summer season, the weather at Dodital Darwa Pass is excellent. The Himalayas are visible, and the cold breeze adds to the attractiveness of the trip. take some light woolen with you.


During the winter season, the area is covered in snow, and accommodation alternatives are limited. However, Dodital Darwa looks the finest in the winter, and the trek becomes challenging. It is suggested to bring strong woolen.

Dodital trek Itinerary

DAY 1: Haridwar to Uttarkashi

Take a beautiful 7-hour trip to Uttarkashi all along the narrow Ganga & Bhagirathi valleys.

Take a break for lunch en route. The road passes in Devprayag, where the Alaknanda & Bhagirathi rivers meet.

Reach Sangam Chatti by early evening, a beautiful marketplace that will act as the starting point for your trek.

Stay in Sangam Chatti since Day 1.

Bonfire and dinner will be at the campground.

Stay at Camps.

DAY 2: Sangam Chatti to Bhebra (3-4 hrs)

Wake up with a gorgeous view of the mountains.

Prepare for the adventurous route ahead by having breakfast.

Trek up the first difficult climb to Agoda village, which is the start of the Dodital trek and Darwa Pass.

There you will follow a gentle trek to Bhebra which is lined with tea cottages and lodges. Set up your tent at the charming campground.

Be ready for snow now.

Dinner will be served at the campground.

Camps are used for overnight stays.

DAY 3: Bhebra to Dodital (5-6 hrs)

Awake in the middle of the hills and enjoy your breakfast.

Prepare to go on a trip that climbs slowly from Bhebra through a mixed forest far above the Asi Ganga until reaching a small valley that leads to Dodital.

A Gujar village can be observed about 5 kilometers away from Majhi.

Take a break and eat your packed lunch here. Pass through oak, pine, and bamboo forest.

Prepare for a lot of snow, as well as some challenges and thrills.

Arrive at the calm lake by late afternoon.

Set up camp next to it and enjoy nature’s beauty.

Spend overnight in a camp.

DAY 4: Dodital to Dwara Pass and back to Dodital (6-7 hrs)

In the morning, get up early and have breakfast.

Start early to save energy for the climb to the top.

This first part of the dorital trek is beautiful, as you pass through freezing rain meadows covered with deodar trees.

You will have to trek on a tough and long route for the final phase.

The climb to the peak is rewarded, with beautiful views. Witness the amazing Himalayas.

Back at camp, have some hot steaming masala tea and crispy pakoras.

Dinner will be at the campground.

Overnight stay in a camp.

DAY 5: Dodital to Bhebra (4-5 hrs)

Wake up to the stunning panoramic beauty all around you.

Prepare for the decline trek by having breakfast.

This day is very easy as you return to Bhebra on a gently downhill route.

After reaching your destination, set up camp and relax before dinner.

Stay overnight in a camp.

DAY 6: End of Trek| Bhebra to Sangam Chatti

Get up on your last day in the mountains to witness the sunrise.

Breakfast will be at the campground.

After that, drop down to Sangam Chatti; this trek takes roughly 2 hours to complete.

Enjoy a nice trek around Agoda hamlet.

This brings your incredible trekking adventure to a close, leaving you with some unforgettable memories.

Get back to your place.

The Dodital trek is over.