Har Ki Dun Trek: Best time to visit Har Ki Dun

Har Ki Dun Trek is situated at a height of 12,000 feet and is one of the stunning valleys in the Himalayan Mountains. It is referred to as “The Valley of the Gods.” The valley is covered by lush mountains and is rich in Flora and Fauna. This valley is linked to Baspa Valley via Borasu Pass and serves as the primary origin of the Yamuna River. People from across the world come on this trek to admire the amazing views, beautiful scenery, peaceful environment, and attractive flora. This trek is known as the best river valley route in India and never failed to attract trekkers worldwide.

The charm of the valley is the main attraction. The Har Ki Dun trek is one of the most visited trekking places. The varying shades of the seasons usually make this path an excellent choice for wildlife and trek seekers. On your trek, you cannot ignore the lush green valley, the culture and politeness of the locals, and the small villages along the way.  An attractive sight of the Laundhar glacier, as well as the neighboring Swargarohini peaks, will surely make your trip interesting and thrilling. Many wildlife, such as the state bird of Uttarakhand, the Himalayan Monal. The valley also offers amazing views of the Jaundhar Glacier, Bandarpoonch, Swargarohini Peaks I & II, and Black Peak.

Highlights of Har Ki Dun Trek

  • Har Ki Dun Trek features include the villages of Sankri, Saud, Taluka, Osla, and Seema, and also mountain peaks such as Bandarpoonch, and Swargarohini.
  • Explore the village’s history and traditions.
  • Visit the Jaundhar Glacier & Morinda Lake.
  • Opportunities for camping.

Best time to visit Har Ki Dun

The best time to visit the Har Ki Dun trek is in the summer (April to June) and after the monsoon (September to December). Winter is the ultimate season to visit if you want to go snow trekking. Climatic conditions in high altitudes differ from those on the plains; allowing enough time to adapt to high elevations.

Har Ki dun trek Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival: Dehradun to Camp Site Sankri (210km drive)

  • It’ll be a roughly 10-hour drive covering 210 kilometers.
  • The last ATM is situated at purola
  • On the way, there are various small shop selling trekking supplies and goods.
  • You will be residing in a hotel and guest house at night.
  • You will arrange a taxi from Dehradun to Sankri.
  • You will arrive in Sankri in the evening.

Day 2: Sankri to Taluka (10 km) & Taluka to Seema (14 km)

  • Taluka is a 12-kilometer trip to Sankri and took an hour to arrive.
  • Taluka is nearly 7,000 ft/2,100 mt above sea level.
  • The trek is 14 km and will take 7 hours to finish.
  • Many spring-water spots can be located during trekking.
  • Offered with a lunch box.
  • The trek starts with a simple walk and then rapidly rises in a few places.
  • A night in camp with dinner will be included.

Day 3: Seema- Kalkati Dhar (8 km)

  • You’ll be trekking around 8 km today.
  • Rise more rapidly
  • Discover lovely meadows, waterfalls, and a huge variety of animals and plants.
  • You’ll arrive at Kalkatidhar in the evening.
  • Prepared lunch.
  • There are many springs of water.
  • Stay in a camp with stunning landscape views.

Day 4: Kalkatidhar to Har Ki Dun to Marinda Lake and back (12 km on both sides)

  • Har Ki Dun trek is 12,000 ft above sea level, while Morinda Lake is 13,025 ft above sea level.
  • Easy trek to Har Ki Doon top, then a pretty difficult trek to Marina Lake.
  • Grasslands and shrubs surround Ruinsara Lake.
  • Trek with stones and grasslands.
  • Along this trek, you will see the waterfalls.
  • The water supply is excellent.
  • And have a quick lunch

Day 5: Kalkatidhar to Seema (trek 8 km)

  • Getting back to Seema early morning
  • Amazing views of the environment
  • Have lunch

Day 6: Seema to Taluka (Trek 14 km) & Taluka to Sankri Campsite (Drive 10 km)

  • You will trek 14 km returning to Taluka from Seema.
  • Served with hot and tasty food
  • You will drive towards the Sankri campsite after arriving at Taluka.
  • The route between Taluka and Sankri is 10 km.
  • Stay at a homestay or hotel.

Day 7: Leaving from Sankri to Dehradun

  • Riding 210 km back from Sankri to Dehradun
  • Be prepared for a roughly 10-hour journey.
  • You will reach Dehradun in the evening.
  • Make your required reservations from Dehradun accordingly.