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How to reach george everest peak in mussoorie

About George Everest Peak

George Everest House, a popular tourist destination in Mussoorie that is quiet and remote and is located around 6 kilometres from Gandhi Chowk, is located there. It offers expansive vistas of the Doon Valley and breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalayan peaks.

Built in 1832, the Park Estate is also known as Sir George Everest’s Home and Laboratory. A George Everest House & George Everest Mountain are well locations for camping, picnics, and adventurous adventures. Due to its proximity to Dehradun and Mussoorie, it is gaining popularity daily.

This is a particularly stunning hike that rewards you with a breathtaking complete vista of the Himalayas at the summit. Eagles are frequently seen soaring and enjoying themselves at the peak of the mountain, providing onlookers with a breathtaking spectacle.

It’s a rather straightforward and easy walk to the George Everest residence, but from there it only requires a whole new step. If you have a fear of heights, be careful since there is a lot of scrambling on the route and extremely tiny roadways, which can occasionally cause a heart attack. Apart from that quick, simple, and scenic journey, the payoff is substantial.

Sir George Everest

From 1830 until 1843, George Everest, a British surveyor & geographer, held the position of Surveyor General of India. Sir Everest originally objected to having the tallest mountain named after him. He was mostly in charge of surveying the average arc of India from the southernmost point into north Nepal. He is nothing to contribute with the mountain peak’s discovery, which was the basis for the controversy. Peak XV eventually came to be called as Mount Everest as a compromise due to the difficulty in coming up with a name.

Interesting facts about George Everest

  • For 11 years straight, Sir George Everest resided in that home.
  • To turn the house into a museum, the inside is being refurbished while preserving the original architecture.
  • From the grounds of Sir George Everest’s home, there is a breathtaking vista of the Doon Valley.

George Everest House Mussoorie Location

The freshly rebuilt famous George Everest House in Hathipaon, Mussoorie, will be officially opened on December 7 by Uttarakhand’s tourism minister, Satpal Maharaj.

Best Time to Visit

There is no set time of year that you must visit Mussoorie; there are no exceptions. In experiencing the beauty of the specific season you would be experiencing, it is actually advised that you explore Mussoorie at any time of the year. 

How to Reach George Everest?

George Everest’s House is only 7-8 km from the city and can be accessed by getting a cab from Gandhi Chowk or Mall Road all the way to the summit. Adventurers can hike to the cliff, which should only take 1.5 to 2 hours. Another choice is to use public transportation to get there from Gandhi Chowk to base of the Hathipaon hill—a jeep, bus, or shared cab. You have three options for transportation from Hathipaon: a short hike, rental motorcycles, or shared taxis. By calling a cab, you can get here quickly. It is advised that the walk to the historic structure be made by those who are up for an adventure for a magnificent experience.

Nearby Bus stand: – Dehradun 39km. 

Nearby Airport: – Dehradun’s Jolly Grant Airport

Nearby Railways: – Dehradun Railway station

Temperature/Weather in George Everest

George Everest in January: The month of January had a low temperature of 0.5°C and a high temperature of 12.7°C.

George Everest in February: The month of February had a minimum temperature of 2°C and a high temperature of 14.7°C.

George Everest in March: The month of March had a low temperature of 5.4°C and a high temperature of 19°C.

George Everest in April: The month of April had a low temperature of 9.8°C and a high temperature of 23.9°C.

George Everest in May: The lowest and maximum temperatures for May are 13.7°C and 26.3°C, respectively.

George Everest in June: The month of June had a low temperature of 16.8 °C and a high temperature of 26.1 °C.

George Everest in July: The month of July had a low temperature of 18.3 °C and a high temperature of 23.9 °C.

August weather on George Everest: The month of August has a low temperature of 17.9°C and a high temperature of 23.5°C.

September weather on George Everest: The month of September had a low temperature of 15.3°C and a high temperature of 22.9°C.

George Everest in October: The month of October had a low temperature of 9.9°C and a high temperature of 21.1°C.

November weather on George Everest: The month of November had a low temperature of 5.9°C and a high temperature of 18.2°C.

December weather on George Everest: December at George Everest had a low temperature of 2.5°C and a high temperature of 15°C.

Things to Do in George Everest

  • Trekking 
  • Nature views 
  • Camping
  • See sir George Everest’s House.
  • For 11 years straight, Sir George Everest resided in that home
  • Investigate the area within the walls where this famous guy lived for a while.
  • Visit the local restaurants and fill up on the delicious fare that will make visitors fall back into love with Mussoorie.

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Nearby Hotels/ Restaurants

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Tourists swarm to the serene hill town of Mussoorie, cradled by the mighty Himalayas, to take in the breathtaking view of the dreamland of Mussoorie or to get a view of the style of Sir George Everest, one of the most renowned men in history. As a result, everyone should visit Sir George Everest’s home at Mussoorie.