Input and Output devices of Computer

Input and Output Devices of Computer: Nowadays, computers have become an essential component of our lives, from bank transactions to commercial transactions. Do you understand how well a computer works? All input and output devices help a computer system run more smoothly and efficiently. By the use of input devices, we can send commands to the computer system to perform an activity based on our demands. You obtain the outcome or results of your entering commands on the screen or even another output platform with the help of output devices. In this post, you will learn about the different input and output devices of a computer system, as well as their basic functions, example, and differences.

What is an Input device of a Computer?

The input devices are computer device that permits users to enter data into a system as well as provide commands to the system, which then performs tasks. These devices are still mostly hardware, including keyboards, mice, joysticks, and more. It is the first or fundamental step in the Central Processing Unit (CPU) analysis of computer data. The CPU receives the delivered pieces of information and processes them. Input devices are further characterized based on their modality, such as visual or aural, discontinuous or continuous, and indirect or direct. Some of the most significant input devices are mentioned below.


A Keyboard seems to be the computer’s most basic input device. It is widely used to insert information into a computer by using keyboard keys. It interacts with the computer system by Wi-Fi or a USB cord. There are numerous types of keys for various purposes, including numbers, alphabets, special characters, and functions. The input device is the major method of commanding the computer system.



A mouse is a palm device that allows computer users to drag the pointer point all across the screen. A mouse contains two buttons on its top, one on each side, and a trackball just at the bottom. It selects and drags the mouse around on a smooth surface. Douglas C. Engelbart introduced the mouse as a computer input device in 1063.


Joy Stick

A joystick is a stick that is attached to the bottom at an angle so that allows it can be moved and controlled easily. It is primarily used to regulate the movement of video game characters. It is also used to properly regulate airplane cockpits, wheelchairs, cranes, and trucks. Its function is comparable to that of a mouse in that it moves the cursor across the screen.



The microphone is indeed a built-in speech input device that records different sounds in digital data. This device covert the audio command into an electrical signal. It must be connected to amplifiers to capture or playback sound.



The scanner is also an input device that can scan various types of information, such as photographs or text, and transform them into digital signals. It may display document files on the computer monitor by transforming them into digital format. It works similarly to a photocopier to create written material or information on a computer monitor from paper.


What is the Output device of Computer?

The output device is a computer device that shows the results of the CPU’s analysis of the inserted input data. A computer’s CPU interprets received information from machine language to human-friendly English and afterward sends those signals through output devices that perform tasks based on entered data. The output devices mostly are hardware, such as printers, displays, and speakers. Whenever the information entered by input devices is analyzed by the computer’s CPU, the output devices handle the result.

Data processing outcomes can take the form of images, graphics, text, or audio. The output devices display video content on the computer screen and audio content is transmitted to the computer’s speaker.



A monitor is a primary output device, showing all information related to icons, text, graphics, and so on its screen. When we give the computer a command to perform the action, the result of that action is presented on the monitor’s screen. CRT monitors, horizontal display monitors, and other types of monitors have been produced over time.


The printer is an output device, that creates a duplicate of the graphical or textual information on a page. Its essential role is always to print data on paper. For example, a writer may type an entire novel on their computer system. There are various types of printers on the market for multiple uses, including impact, character, line, laser printers, and others.



A speaker is a output device that transforms electrical commands into an audio wave. It enables users to hear audio signals as a result of entering information into a computer. It is a piece of hardware that could or could not be connected to a computer system. Speakers have evolved into wireless gadgets that are linked to systems via Bluetooth or others.