Kafni Glacier Trek Uttarakhand 2023

About Kafni Glacier Trek

Kafni Glacier trek is an amazing trekking route in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon area. The glacier is the origin of the River Kafni, a part of the Pindar river that joins the Ganga on its path. Kafni Glacier trek follows a large rocks route surrounded by dense forest and large grasslands. The town’s beautiful villages, high mountains, and natural beauty attract adventure seekers who travel this path year after year. This trek offers stunning vistas of the Nandakot and Nandanar mountains, along with the Pindari Glacier.

Kafni Glacier Trek is surrounded by natural beauty and a calm environment. It is situated in the district of Bageshwar in Uttarakhand’s Kumaon region, with the Pindar Valley towards its left, the iconic top of Nandkot below it, and as well as the Nanda Devi Peak to its southeast.

Kafni glacier supplies the Kafni River, a branch of the Pindar River. Pindar is an outflow of the Alaknanda River, which is one of two headstreams of the Ganga. Kafni Glacier trek is the best place for trekking in Uttarakhand.

Overview of Kafni Glacier Trek

Kafni Glacier trek continues the same route as the Pindari and Sunderganga treks, but it departs at the end and when it reaches the Kafni Glacier. Depending on the route taken, the glacier can be reached from both Almora and Kathgodam. This is a famous trekking place in uttarakhand. The starting point for both of these itineraries is in Bageshwar. The trek starts in Loharkhet and extends to Dhakuri, where there is a moderate rise that goes to Khati. Trekkers proceed through other gorgeous villages before arriving at Khatiya. The greatest part of this trek is that it takes you through additional places including Loharkhet, Phurkia, Diwali, and the Kafni Glacier.

Where is the Kafni Glacier Trek?

Kafni is a tiny glacier situated in the upper Kumaon Himalaya, to the southeast of Nanda Devi. It is the water source for the Kafni River, a source of the Pindar River. Kafni is situated to the left in Pindar Valley, below the renowned Nandkot hill. From the Kafni glacier, one can even see peaks including Nandakot (6,860m) & Nandabhnar (6,236m).

Kafni Glacier Trek Highlights

Enjoy the views of peaks including Nandakot (6,860 m) and Nandabhnar (6,236 m).

Trek towards one of the country’s largest glaciers.

Make your way through the dense highlands.

Best time to visit Kafni Glacier Trek

The best time to visit Kafni Glacier Trek is from March to June and from September to October

Kafni Glacier weather:

Summer (March to June): The best time to go trekking because the temperature is warm.

Monsoon season (June to September): Roads become slick, making trekking a challenge.

Autumn (September to October): Trekkers will view beautiful green scenery and enjoy the nice climate during this time of year.

Winter (September to February): Temperatures decrease below zero, increasing the probability of snowfall.

Kafni Glacier Trek Itinerary

DAY 1: Begin from Kathgodam to Nainital

Begin from Kathgodam and proceed to Nainital on the first day.

Stay overnight in a hotel in Nainital.

DAY 2: Dhakuri to Loharkhet

Dhakuri to Loharkhet is an 11-kilometer trek.

Overnight stay in a camp.

DAY 3: Trek to Soung

After a light lunch, you will trek to Soung and then depart for Kathagodam.

Then return to your destination.

DAY 4: Move to Soung by Bus

After a light meal, take the bus to Soung, which is 181 kilometers far, and then trek for 3 kilometers.

Overnight stay at a hotel or in a camp.

DAY 5: Start a day in Dhakuri

Start the day in Dhakuri.

Trek for about 11 kilometers.

Spend the night at a camp.

DAY 6: Begin from Dhakuri to Dwali

After breakfast, start the 19-kilometer trek from Dhakuri to Dwali via Khati.

Stop for the night in a camp.

DAY 7: Trek to Phurkia

6 km trek to Phurkia.

In the campgrounds, you will spend the night.

DAY 8: Trek to Pindari Glacier

After breakfast, trek to the Pindari Glacier, also famous as Zero Point.

Return to Dwali, which is 17 kilometers far.

Spend the night at a camp.

DAY 9: Trek to Byalligai

The distance to Byalligair is 10 kilometers.

Camps are used for overnight stays.

DAY 10: Return to Dwali

After having breakfast, start your trek to the glacier and return to Dwali.

Stop for the night in a camp.

DAY 11: Trek from Dwali to Dhakuri

Dwali to Dhakuri is a 19-kilometer trek.

Overnight stay in a camp.

Things to carry:

Woolen clothes

Backpack (40-50 liter)

Water bottles

Warm jackets and thermal inners