Kheerganga Trek: Best time to visit Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga trek is a very well-known trek. The mountains meet the moon here at Kheerganga. At the end of the Parvati Valley in the Sylvan Hills, in Himachal Pradesh, there is a stunning location known as Kheerganga (11482 ft), it is believed there that Lord Shiva meditated for a very long time. The rich mountain greenery, the beautiful River Parvati, and the magnificent skies.

Both Hindu and Sikh people have religious beliefs in this location. Kheerganga, which is 22 km from Manikaran, is very familiar with its hot spring even during the time of massive snowfall, therefore taking a bath there will be a remarkable pleasure. Trekking along the path will lead you to the Shiv Temple and Rudra Nag Waterfall.

Highlights of the Kheerganga Trek

  • When you reach the top of Kheerganga, over 10,000 feet, you will be greeted with magnificent grasslands, pine-forested paths, a few waterfalls, and passing through beautiful villages.
  • Locals are aware of the mystery of why Lord Shiva’s son Kartikey meditated here for thousand years.
  • You’ll be welcomed at the Kheerganga trek with the magnificent Parvati Kund – The Sacred Hot Water Spring, suitable for relaxing.
  • Pay close attention to Kheerganga’s blend of Indian and Hippie culture, where you could be amazed to see the cross-cultural connection.
  • During your visit, be prepared to get engaged in landscape photography as the view of the sunset and trekking through the Kheerganga forests are wonderful experiences.
  • Spend one-night camping under the stars at the peak of the Parvati Valley to indulge in some mental therapy.

Best time to visit Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga trek is visited all year long but in extreme winters all the trekking trails of the magnificent kheerganga trek are heavily covered with snow. This may cause many difficulties in the trek.

And tent, camping, and many other accommodation facilities may not be available during that extreme winter and snow-covered land.

Accordingly, summer is the best season to visit the Kheerganga in Himachal Pradesh. You can visit somewhere between March and June if you want to make your trip remarkable.

The climate is very pleasing here during these months which makes it very easy and comfortable for trekkers to experience the magnificent beauty of the kheerganga and the great Himalayas.

Kheerganga Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Kasol to Chalal

When you arrive in Kasol, take a deep breath and enjoy the beautiful view before taking local transportation to travel to the campsite in Kasol.

Visit the “mini Netherlands” Kasol’s busy gift stores and Israeli cafes on your way as you go to Chalal.

In the evening, return to your campground after a lovely day in Chalal.

Day 2: Kasol to kheerganga

The next day continues your way to Barshaini to begin your adventurous Kheerganga Trek. A little town called Barshaini is situated near Kasol and the spot where the Parvati and Tosh Rivers meet. Enjoy the magnificent cascades near the start of this Kheerganga trek, like the stunning Rudra Nag, and take a short break to soak in the landscape’s richness.

Trek for approximately 14 km along the flowing Parvati River, passing past the peaceful villages of Kalga and Pulga. Take a cooling bath in the steaming Parvati Kund after reaching the beautiful Kheerganga grasslands to relieve your travel tiredness. Later, enjoy a bonfire close to your campsite to refuel for the next day.

Day 3: Kheerganga to Barshaini

The next morning will wake you up to the stunning view of the Himalayas. Be prepared to travel down to Barshaini via the same route you took to get to Kheerganga.

From here take a ride back to Kasol.

Your trekking journey will end here now you can head towards your home taking some beautiful memories and leaving the mountains behind.

Quick facts about Kheerganga Trekking:

Beginning/Ending Location: Kasol

Height of kheerganga trek: Above 10000 ft.

Best time to visit:  Can visit anytime throughout the year.

Trekking Range:14 km

Temperature: 0°C to 3°C at night and 8°C to 15°C during the day.

Last ATM: Kasol

Difficulty level: Easy or moderate.

The Kheerganga trek is famous for:

  • The Kheerganga trek is familiar among tourists and trekkers for its high-elevation trekking, camping, bonfire, etc.
  • And its most magnificent point of attraction is the hot water spring between the cold mountains and valley.
  • Kheerganga trek is a great vacation spot for Couples, Groups, Corporates, and Solo.
  • Kheerganga trek is a familiar spot for some activities like Trekking, Camping, nature photography, and relaxing your mind.