Panchachuli Base Camp Trek Uttarakhand 2023

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

Panchachuli Base Camp Trek is situated in the Uttarakhand Himalayas’ Eastern Kumaon Garhwal range and stands at an altitude of 4,260 meters. Based on the history of Panchachuli, the Panchachuli Peaks are a collection of five Himalayan peaks situated in the Kumaon Garhwal Himalayas. This is one of the most visited trekking in Uttarakhand.

From Dharchula Base Camp, the Panchachuli Base Camp Trek is difficult. Dar road head is the starting point for the Panchachuli Base Camp Trek and is situated near Darma Valley at the end of the East Kumaon area. The altitude of these peaks varies from 6,334 to 6,904 meters. Mr. Hukam Singh lead the first team to climb Panchachuli Peak 01 (I.T.B.P) through the Uttam Balati Glacier in 1972.

Highlights of the Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

Get an excellent opportunity to trek to a height of approximately 13975 feet, which will make you feel on top of the world and overlook the entire area covered by bushes and glaciers.

On the way to the peak, the blossoming forest routes have a lot to offer, and the flowing streams play a significant role in making the routes challenging as well as attractive.

If you are lucky, you may come across some of Uttarakhand’s famous wildlife, and the unique birds spotted in the forests are ideal trek buddies.

Various bugyals, sceneries, and river bridges combine to provide an amazing visiting alternative for you.

Overview of the Panchachuli Base Camp Trek

The Panchachuli Base Camp Trek Uttarakhand starts in the Darma valley in the Pithoragarh district, close to the borders of Nepal and Tibet, and ends in the embrace of snow-capped mountains. The way to the Panchachuli glacier, situated in the Kumaon Himalayas, is decorated with breathtaking views, snow-capped mountains, flowing streams, Alpine meadows, and a wide variety of flora and wildlife. The trekking route forms the border between both the Gori Ganga and Darma Valleys in the Eastern Kumaon Himalayas. The entire route to the glaciers is a trek along the Dhauliganga river.

The last road-head Dar is 42 kilometers from Dharchula, and the trek through Dar to Panchachuli Glacier will be delightful. The 5 peaks of Panchachuli create amazing views that highlight the Him Khand, Yuli River, the woods of Devdaar, Bhoj Patra, and conifer trees.

This incredible Panchachuli Base Camp trek is a visual treat, and the landscape throughout the trek can only be witnessed, not described.

The Panchachuli Base Camp trek is one of the great choices, and the trek will provide many breathtaking moments. The 5 peaks of Panchachuli sectors 1 to 5 are situated at altitudes 6904 meters, 6437 meters, 6355 meters, 6334 meters, and 6312 meters, respectively.

Best time to visit Panchachuli Base Camp Trek


The best time to visit Panchachuli Base Camp Trek is from mid-March to mid-June. The sun heats the cold area of the Panchachuli Base Camp Trek, making it easier for trekkers to deal with the environment.


During the monsoon season, the path becomes very slippery, making it difficult for trekkers to finish the route.


From mid-September until late October, the lovely spring season attracts hikers to the Panchachuli Base Camp Trek. The sun shines and the calm weather.


From November through February, the temp decreases rapidly, prohibiting tourists from trekking to Panchachuli Base Camp.

Itinerary of Panchachuli Base Camp Trek


Arrive in Kathgodam early in the morning for a long road trip to Dharchula. It will take a full day to arrive. However, the scenic journey will not tire you because the entire trip is loaded with scenic beauty.

Stay in a guesthouse or hotel in Dharchula village for the night.

DAY 2: DHARCHULA| DAR| URTHING (2hrs + 4hrs trek)

Dar is the final roadhead for this trek in Darma Valley.

Start in Dharchula and ride three hours to Dar along a wide road that passes through the tiny tribal villages of Tawaghat and New Sobla.

It is a 3-4 hours trek from Dar to the Urthing campground, and you will cross through the gorgeous Bongling forest on the way.

Spend a night at camps.

DAY 3: URTHING- NAGLING (4hrs, 10km trek)

Today’s trek will be easy, with only a few minor descents and climbs.

A donkey route connects Urthing with Naagling, crossing through hillsides of beautiful grassland and the Dhauli Ganga, which falls through the canyons beyond.

On the borders of Naagling, on the green carpet beside the river, stands the campground.

Spend a night in the camps.

DAY 4: NAGLING- SON (5hrs, 11km trek)

For the first three kilometers, the route to Naagling climbs hill slopes and is rocky terrain.

After that, you will approach the evergreen forests with tall oak and holly bushes, and ahead you will be able to see Nagling’s meadow.

Baaling is a 3-kilometer trek from the meadow across tribal vegetation areas.

Son is a beautiful, mostly deserted Darma Valley hamlet.

Spend a night in the camps.


In the morning, trek to the base camp across a short track that passes through the Dantu Bugyal.

The uphill climbs to the base camp may be found with the forest reaching the glacier on one side as well as the gorgeous Meola river bed on the other.

The whole route will lead you across vast meadows and tall oak, with the Panch Chulli (6904 m/22652 ft distance).

Return to Nagling by the same route and spend a night there.


Return back to Nagling in the morning. The decline is simple. Tent dinner and an overnight stay.


You will trek down towards Urthing from Nagling in the morning.

Spend a night in Urthing.


On the final day of the trip, trek through Urthing to Sobla before hiring a taxi to Dharchula.

Spend a night in Dharchula.


Take a trip down to Kathgodam and reach in the evening to get the overnight train/bus to your place.