Pindari Glacier Trek: Best time to Visit 2023

Pindari Glacier Trek

Pindari Glacier trek is located in one of Kumaon’s most hidden places, offering breathtakingly stunning and unique landscapes. The Pindari Glacier’s Zero Point is situated 5 km ahead of Phurkia at a fantastic elevation of 12370 feet above sea level. The Pindari Glacier is situated in the Kumaon Himalayas and falls in the Bageshwar district. The glacier travels south for about 9 km, giving rise to the Pindari River, which connects the Alakananda River at Karnaprayag in the Garhwal region.

Its beautiful surroundings and benefits are sufficient to leave anyone surprised. Pindari Glacier trek seems to have a low to moderate elevation and is one of the best-hidden treks in Uttarakhand. It gives stunning views of snow-capped Himalayan peaks and is a joy to trek via forests of shrubs with brilliant blooms lined up. This area is dense in Flora and Fauna, making it ideal for adventure and nature enthusiasts. Pindari glacier trek is adore by all the visitors.

Best time to visit Pindari Glacier Trek

As the trekkers continue, the climb and fall of the Pindari Glacier trek are both mild in difficult. The ideal months to trek these routes are from May to October. Due to the terrible weather and rainfall, this journey is executed before and after the monsoon season. Throughout the day, temperatures normally vary between 5 to 12 degrees Celsius, with considerably colder evenings.

Pindari Glacier Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Kathgodam to Loharkhet (6 hr/drive)

Highlights of the Day: Arriving in Loharkhet, Regional Village Culture

Day Specifics: Once arriving in Kathgodam, you will be taken to an adorable village named Loharkhet.

After 6 hours of driving through stunning routes and small passes, you will arrive in the village and settle in; the rest of the day will be free.

Day 2: Loharkhet to Dhakuri

Highlights of the day: 11 km trek, gorgeous valley, Dhakuri, and camping

Day Specifics: The second day of your Pindari Glacier trek starts today! An 11-kilometer trek via Loharkhet village will take you across dense forests and beautiful pathways before reaching Dhakuri.

Dhakuri, situated at the edge of a huge oak forest, is the gateway to Pindari glacier; overnight stay in the camp bounded by the forests!

Day 3: Dhakuri to Khati

Highlights of a day: 8 km trek, deodar forests, Pindar river, and a traditional stay

Day Specifics: This thrilling day starts with an 8 km trek to Khati, a mythically important village.

After breakfast inside the camp, go for a trek via lush green forests to see unique flora and fauna.

You will arrive at Khati, the greatest village in this region, which is home to incredibly lovely and kind people; it is claimed that the Pandavas resided in this village during their exile.

When arriving at Khati, enjoy the remaining of the day at ease before spending the night in nearby village cottages or camps.

Day 4: Khati to Dwali

Highlights of the day: Include an 11-kM walk, waterfalls, wood bridges, and Dwali.

Day Specifics: Today’s trek will lead you via Khati toward Dwali.

Visitors will enjoy the bubbling water from the river, pass wood bridges, and see amazing waterfalls for a major part of the trek.

When you reached Dwali, settle in for a wonderful evening with stunning views everywhere; spend overnight at Dwali.

Day 5: Dwali to Phurkia

Highlights of the day: Include a 5 km trek, a frozen lake, and snow-capped mountains.

Day Specifics: After an early breakfast, set forth on a snow and glacier route!

Today you will cross the frozen lake, surrounded by snow-capped mountains all the trip.

Unlike previous days, will have a short 5 km trek that could be finished within just 3 hours.

Before Phurkia, a stunning waterfall awaits you.

Enjoy the beautiful landscape before putting your camp at Phurkia, which is 3,250 meters above sea level.

Day 6: Phurkia- Pindari Glacier- Dwali

Highlights of the day: Include a 17 km trek, the Pindari Glacier, & the Pindar Valley.

Day Specifics: Ready to encounter and experience scenery that you’ve only wished for?

Your trek will start at 7:00 a.m., and the first half of it will lead you towards Zero Point, or even the home of the Pindari Glacier, with beautiful views of the Himalayan region.

This is an experience you will recall for the rest of your life, at a height of 3,660 m above sea level!

Magical sights and magnificent greenery will leave you speechless!

The Pindar Valley increases its beauty with little green spots that contrast against a white landscape.

After some time there, starts your trek to Dwali and spend the night in a camp.

Day 7: Dwali to Dhakuri

Highlights of the Day: 19-kilometer Trek, descending path

Day specifics: follow your route as you travel via Dhakuri to Dwali!

While trekking 19 km, you will pass via forests and lakes, across rivers, and see a range of sceneries.

Accommodations will be at a camp and nearby hotels.

Day 8: Dhakuri to Loharkhet

Highlights of the day: 11 km Trekking, Loharkhet

Day specifics: Today you will trek 11 km to Loharkhet.

End up spending the day at your pleasure, visiting the area and meeting the residents.

Overnight stay in a camp or a nearby guest home.

Day 9: Loharkhet to Kathgodam (Drive/ 210 km)

Highlights of the day: The trip comes to an end here

After a pleasant and relaxing trek, an early morning drive will lead you from Loharkhet to Kathgodam!

This stunning Pindari Glacier trek ends with your return to Kathgodam.