Robbers Cave dehradun & How to reach robbers cave?

Robbers Cave dehradun, also known as Guchhupani locally, is a naturally occurring cave river structure and one of the top sites to visit in Dehradun for sightseeing. The cave’s history as a bandit hideout during British control is how the location received its moniker. Here, one can see how the caves’ water forms are moving. The Robber’s Cave is split in half by a waterfall and a fort-like structure. Robber’s Cave is also well-known for a peculiar natural occurrence in which a stream of water appears, goes underground, and maybe reappears after a short distance. Robbers Cave is a well-known tourist place in Uttarakhand because it is tranquil, serene, and a great place for picnics.

You can visit Robbers Cave in dehradun with your loved ones and friends to enjoy some time in nature. There is always something fun to do and something new to learn.

Sometimes the best photographs have ever been taken by nature. One of those uncommon spots is The Robber’s Cave. This popular tourist destination is a rural wonder located in the village of Anarwala, not far from Dehradun. This natural feature, which is surrounded by the stunning natural beauty of Uttarakhand, is a great picnic location in dehradun and a well-liked tourist attraction.

  • Enjoy the serene atmosphere that this river cave instils in its visitors.
  • To take in the natural rock formations and flowing rivers, organise a picnic for you and your loved ones.
  • Enjoy the total pleasure of taking a river bath—like it’s getting into a Jacuzzi!

Interesting Information about Dehradun's Robber's Cave

The village of Anarwala is where the robbers’ cave is.

You should ask for “Guchhupani” if you intend to ask locals for instructions.

As the name suggests, the location is known as Robber’s Cave since it was once notorious for being hideouts. However, it is today a well-liked vacation spot.

The cave, a naturally occurring phenomenon created by geological influences on the Dehra plateau, is well-maintained by Uttarakhand Tourism.

Locals think the river inside the cave has therapeutic qualities.

Best Time to Visit Robbers' Cave

The summer months of March through June and the winter months of October through February are the finest times to visit the Robbers Cave in Dehradun. Winters are lovely as you experience the fog and perhaps some snowfall, while summers provide relief from the oppressive humidity of the rest of the country. Always pack a few layers of warm clothing in your travel backpack.

Entry fee and Timings Robber's Cave Dehradun

Around Rs. 35 gets you into the Robbers cave in Dehradun. Pay Rs. 20 for two-wheelers and Rs. 30 for four-wheelers to park your car or cab at the parking lot. For Rs. 30, you can rent a locker if you have a few extra items you’d rather leave outside of Robbers Cave.

Get drenched for the sake of the cool waterfall and the pool of water that touches your feet. If you want to change there, you can rent a changing room for Rs. 20. Your journey will be worthwhile because the Robbers Cave is so easily accessible to all tourists.

Day                          Timing

Monday           7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Tuesday           7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Wednesday     7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Thursday         7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Friday               7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Saturday          7:00 am – 6:00 pm

Sunday             7:00 am – 6:00 pm

How to reach Robber's Cave?

By Air: The closest airport to Dehradun is Jolly Grant Airport. From practically all large cities, you may fly and then take a cab to your accommodation. There are numerous possibilities within the city borders or close to the airport. Hire a local taxi to transport you to Robbers cave, or reserve a car from one of Dehradun’s best car rental firms.

By Train: Lakkhi Bagh’s Dehradun train station offers excellent access to a number of Indian towns. There are numerous options accessible for visitors to India, ranging from Shatabdi to Rajdhani and Howrah express. Six kilometres separate it from the station.

By Road: To go to Dehradun, board any public or private bus from a nearby city. You can get a cab or an auto-rickshaw to Anarwala hamlet and then walk from there to the cave. As an alternative, you can drive down NH7 to Dehradun and take in the natural beauties along the way.


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