Roopkund Trekking: Best time to visit Roopkund trekking

Roopkund Trekking

Roopkund trekking place in India has a mixture of mystery and natural beauty. The Roopkund glacier lake is approximately 16499 feet above sea level. It is also known as Skeleton Lake because of the human bones found in and around it. There are numerous theories on whom these skeletons belong to and when they died. Some assume they are the bones of Japanese soldiers who are killed here during the War. According to investigations, they are the bones of members of an Indian tribe who died here in the 9th century as a result of a devastating thunderstorm.

Roopkund trekking starts from Loharjung and leads you across mountains rich in biodiversity and attractive surroundings. Before reaching Ali Bugyal, you pass through little hilly hamlets. It is a lush meadow situated approximately 10830 ft above sea level. As you ascend, you will pass through woods of fir, pine, and deodar, and when you climb the top, the trees will leave, and you will be welcomed by huge and lush green fields. During the summer, you may see wildlife that comes here to graze.

Roopkund trekking magic, beauty, and charm

On your way to the Loharjung, you will pass through Bedini Bugyal, which is approximately 11003 feet above sea level. It’s another peaceful alpine meadow with captivating beauty that’s covered with green grass. Here are some stone cabins where shepherds spend the summer. During the winter, they abandon them and migrate to lower elevations. There are so many trekking places in Roopkund trekking.

Best time to visit Roopkund trekking

The best time to visit Roopkund trekking is available between May and June, as well as August and mid-October. Trekking in Roopkund is pleasant between August and the mid of October. The sky is still clear, and the temperature is ideal for trekking.

Roopkund trekking itinerary:

Day 1: KATHGODAM- LOHARJUNG (DRIVE / 250 KM/ 8 - 9 hours)

After arriving at Kathgodam, continue towards Loharjung. You will drive over attractive highland terrain to arrive at your destination from Kathgodam. When you arrive in this tiny village, choose a location to stay and recharge for the day.

Day 2: LOHARJUNG- DIDNA (TREK / 5 - 6 hours)

Your Roopkund trekking journey starts from the village’s bus stop. You continue your trekking at 10,500 ft and proceed through a beautiful forest of Himalayan oak and pine trees. After almost 2.5 hours of easy trekking, you will reach Ruan Bagad, from where you will pass an old bridge over the Neel Ganga River.

Instead, visitors can follow the road via Wan village, passing through the village of Kulling along the journey. The curve of the path towards Ruan Bagad starts from here and remains until you reach Didna. Despite the difficult altitude, the journey between Ruan Bagad to Didna village takes almost 1.5 hours.

Day 3: DIDNA- ALI BUGYAL (TREK/ 6-7 hours)

After awake early in the morning and climbing to Ali Bugyal, start your Roopkund trekking. You have two choices for getting to your location. You may then trek the mountains upward or take a side trip via Tolpani. The first path is rough due to the curves of the climb, while the second may take approximately two hours long. Whatever route you take, try to arrive in Ali Bugyal by noon to take in the amazing views of the Nanda Ghunti & Trishul mountains.


You’ll be exhausted today because it’s day 4 of your trip. So that you can lie a bit more and leave a little later than usual. Ghora Lotani, a wonderful camping site, is your location to spend the day. You will arrive at Patat Nacholi, an undeveloped big area of land, as you travel through scenic locations.

You’ll be trekking from 12,500 to 14,500 ft for the day. As a reason, the shift in temperature and elevation is likely to have an impact on your health. The trek will also be physically demanding. But, the inspiration of your trek buddies and the beautiful scenic views that surround, will provide you with all the energy you want. Ghora Lotani will arrive after a 10-kilometer ride. Sleep well because tomorrow will be a crucial day of your trip.


Because of the huge altitude rise, the following chapter of this Roopkund trip is tough. Since you are visiting a high-altitude area, you must take all essential precautions to prevent altitude sickness. Trekking a zigzag route reaches the Kalu Vinayak temple, which includes sculptures of Lord Ganesha.

From this viewpoint, you can see the Chaukhamba, Neelkanth, and Hathi peaks. Snow will fall here based on the weather as the landscape becomes harder. The campground of Bhagubasa is just a short drive away. Arrive at the campground and adapt to the temperature. Tents are used to accommodate overnight stays.


Today we will include several famous trekking places for you to pass through during what may appear to be a long day. You will walk up to 15 kilometers in 10-15 hours. It is an important day that will start with you leaving for Roopkund Lake above 1600 ft, the highest point on this trip. Arriving at Bhagwabasa, your next checkpoint is Chirianag, which will take you to the mystery lake. On a beautiful day, resting at the lake’s edge, you can see tons of human skeletal bones. This site is stunning and makes the long journey worthwhile. After this, the hard trek and rough terrain will take you to the Nanda Devi temple. This temple is situated near the Nanda Devi range.

Trekking to Junargalli (16,700 feet) is recommended. It’s a tough trek that will take you 45 minutes in good weather.

On the return trip, you’ll cross the Bhagwabasa cave, also referred to as the “tiger’s abode.” Take a trip down to Patal Nauchaniya, then return via Ghora Lotani to Bedni Bugyal.

After a hard day of trekking, you can sleep like a child in your camps.


Awake early in the morning to travel via stunning fields and woodland parts of pine and oak to the village of Wan. The village is bounded by hills and mountains across all sides. Engage with the people and visit the temple. The trip ends here. The downhill is around 18 km long and will require roughly 10 hrs.

After you reach Wan, you will be returned to Loharjung. Once there, spend a night in camps at the gorgeous campground.


You will be driven back to Kathgodam railway station after breakfast. Carry mints and nausea pills with you. Your trip to Roopkund Trekking finishes here.