What is Computer– In this content, we will talk about what is computer and types of computer. So first, we will know Definition of computer and then we will know what are the types of computer

What is Computer and Types of computer

what is computer– A computer is an electronic device that can process, store, and retrieve data and perform a variety of functions. Computer makes life more comfortable because any information can be easily stored in computer and can be sent to anyone anytime which saves our time and cost. Computer executes information, which is written in a programming language. There are mainly two parts of the computer. The first is hardware and the second is software. Hardware refers to external devices and internal devices that enable you to perform major functions such as communication, output, input, storage, etc. Software is a set of data, programs, and instructions used to run a computer and perform specific tasks. Which refers to the physical aspects of the computer.

What is Computer?

A computer is a programmable electronic device that takes simple data as input and processes it with a set of instructions to transform it into output. It gives output only after performing logical and mathematical operations and stores the output for future use. It is also able to process numerical and non-numerical calculations. The word “computer” is derived from the Latin word “computer” which means to calculate.

Computers provide a variety of means from among integrated hardware and software components designed to implement or perform experiments. It works with the help of programs and represents decimal numbers from the middle of a string of binary digits. Computers also have a memory that stores programs, data, and the results of processing. Its components such as transistors, circuits, machinery including wires, hard disks are present. Now we will talk about the types of computer.

List Types of computer

  • Supercomputer
  • Mainframe computer
  • Minicomputer
  • Workstation
  • PC (Personal Computer)
  • Analogue Computer
  • Digital Computer
  • Hybrid Computer

Types of computer

1. Super computer

In Types of Computer, let us talk about super computer first, whenever we talk about speed, then when we think about computer, the name of super computer first comes to mind. Supercomputer is the fastest and largest computer in processing data. This computer is designed in such a way that they can process large amounts of any data. Like processing more data in a few seconds. This process is known to be due to thousands or many interconnected processors in supercomputers. It is used in engineering and scientific experiments such as weather forecasting, scientific simulation and nuclear energy research.

2. Analog computer

It is specially designed to process analog data. In this, the data varies continuously and cannot have discrete value, which is called analog data. This computer is used where we do not need exact values or approximate values of temperature, speed, and pressure, etc. It can directly accept data from measuring instruments without first converting them into numbers and codes. Measures or measures continuous change in a physical quantity. It gives the output in the form of a dial or a reading on a scale. Like – mercury thermometer, speedometer, etc. are many more.

3. Minicomputer

A minicomputer is a medium-sized multiprocessing computer. These types of computers have two or more processors and support from 4 to more than 150 users at a time. Mini computers are used by departments or institutions for a number of tasks such as billing, inventory management, accounting, etc. This computer is smaller than the mainframe computer but it is bigger than the microcomputer.

4. Mainframe computer

This computer is designed in such a way that it can easily support many hundreds or even thousands of users at the same time. Simultaneously it can support multiple programs. Therefore, they can execute multiple processes simultaneously. All these features make mainframe computers ideal for large organizations such as the telecom sector, banking, etc., which normally process a high amount of data.

5. Workstation

Workstations designed for scientific or technical experiments. The workstation consists of a fast microprocessor, with a high-speed graphics adapter and a large amount of RAM available. It is a single person user computer. Usually it used to do any particular task with great precision.

6. PC (Personal Computer)

Personal computer is also known as microcomputer. It is a normal computer and is designed for single person use. It consists of a microprocessor as memory, central processing unit, input unit and output unit. This type of computer is suitable for single personal work like watching movies, doing assignments, or any office work, etc. this is a great computer. For example, laptop and desktop computer.

7. Digital computer

A computer is a machine that stores data in numerical form and operates on that data using mathematical manipulations. These types of computers typically include a variety of equipment for gathering information, some method for input of data and output of data, and components that allow mathematical operations to be performed on the gathered data. Digital computers are almost electronic but it is not necessary to be so.

8. Hybrid computer

A hybrid computer is a type of computer that provides the functionality of an analog computer and a digital computer. It is designed to have a designated analog unit that is accurate for counting, but has digital memory available. In large businesses and industries, a hybrid computer is used to provide efficient processing of discrete equations involving logic functions.