Who Invented the worlds first Mobile Phone - First Cell Phone

Who Invented the World’s First Mobile Phone: Do you remember a period when there weren’t as many cell phones around? It is now difficult to imagine life without them. You likely know dozens of people who use cell phones on a regular basis, even if you do not own one yourself. We use technology constantly. However, who gave them life? We need to look more than a century into the past to discover the answer to that question. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell created the first telephone. Reginald Fessenden made the first wireless phone call on December 23 in 1900, just outside of Washington, D.C. This was an incredible feat. He was the first to transmit a signal from one station to another in order to broadcast human voices across radio waves.

William Rae Young Invention

William Rae Young, an engineer, suggested in 1947 that radio masts arranged in a hexagonal configuration might be used to construct a telephone network. D.H. Ring, a researcher at Bell Laboratories, then a division of AT&T, hired Young. The utilization of low-power transmitters to convey communication throughout the network was a key component of the design. It is also considered handoffs, or when a caller moves from the broadcast range of one tower to another. The idea was sound, but the necessary technology was not available to put it into practice. The following development would take longer than ten years to materialize. 

What Inspired the Development of the First Cell Phone?

AT&T gave some customers the option of using radiotelephones. They were similar to walkie-talkie transceivers, and they could make a few calls. Because there were fewer opportunities for private chats, they didn’t permit them. People couldn’t put cell phones in their pockets back then because they were so large and weighty. On Young’s model, Joel S. and R.H. Frenkeil created the procedure in the 1960s.


The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) received an application from AT&T in 1973 requesting approval to start a cellular network. Cooper’s team created the cell phone, which has been around ever since. The phone, which was 22.9 cm long and weighed 1.1 kilos, was known as the Motorola DynaTAC. The talk time on this cumbersome device was only 30 minutes, and charging it took 10 hours. Before this, using a mobile phone was the only method to avoid being connected to a landline. At the time, the DynaTAC phone cost $3,995. This is $10,000 in today’s dollars.


The First Cell Phone call:

It was either a joke or a call designed to spook the competition. Cooper’s first call was directed at Joel Engel, his technical rival at Bell Laboratories.

When did cell phones start to gain popularity?

Although their popularity has fluctuated throughout the years along with the cell phone industry, cell phones have existed for a very long period. In 1990, just about 11 million people had mobile phones; and by 2022, there will be 6.07 billion (according to Statista).

Mobile Phone Evolution

World's First Mobile Phone - Mobile Phone

1985 Siemens’ first phone

The Siemens Mobiltelefon C1 was the first mobile phone to be manufactured in the form of a suitcase. Yes, you read that correctly. People used cell phones that looked like luggage. Then after a few years, some smaller phones.

1987 Nokia’s first phone

In 1987, Nokia launched the Mobira Cityman 900, its first mobile phone. The phone weighed only 800g (28 oz) and included a battery, making it prohibitively expensive and only available to the wealthy.

1988 The First Samsung phone

The SH-100 was Samsung’s first “handphone” in 1987. It was the first mobile phone designed and manufactured commercially in Korea.

1989 a revolutionary flip phone

Motorola’s MicroTAC model was the first to have a “flip” design; many brick-style mobile phones came before it. Most cell phones were previously bulky and were typically installed in automobiles due to their size.

1992 first GSM (2G) mobile phone

As the 1990s began, phone bodies shrank and antennae got slimmer. In 1992, the Nokia 1011, the first mass-produced GSM (2G) phone, was released.

World's First Mobile Phone - GSM (2G) mobile phone

The first smartphone, 1994 (and touchscreen phone)

Unlike most people believe, the first smartphone was released much earlier. The first smartphone in history was IBM’s Simon, which was introduced in 1994 and was the first gadget with apps and a touchscreen.

Vibration mode was introduced on the first phone in 1996.

In 1996, the Motorola StarTAC introduced vibration and the first clamshell phone.

The first smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard in 1996

The Nokia Communicator 9000, released in 1996, was the first QWERTY cell phone. In addition to a keyboard, the Communicator 9000 included many business functions such as email, web browsing, faxing, word processing, and spreadsheets.

The first phone without an external antenna was introduced in 1997.

The Hagenuk GlobalHandy was the first phone with an internal antenna.

First, the color-screen phone was introduced in 1998

Siemens unveiled the groundbreaking S10, the first phone with a color display, in 1998.

1999 The first tri-band GSM phone

Motorola made yet another significant advancement with the release of Timeport, the first phone with international roaming features.

MP3 player and the first phone

Samsung launched the groundbreaking SamsungSPH-M100 Uproar phone in 1999 because they weren’t content to let Motorola and Nokia have all the credit. It gave the user the option of playing music by fusing the characteristics of a cell phone with an MP3 player. Even a dedicated play/pause button was centrally located on the phone.

First camera phone

It is debatable if the Sharp J-SH04 was the first camera phone. Although some claim it was the Kyocera VP-210 Visual Phone, which made its debut a year earlier, it was actually the Kyocera VP-210 Visual Phone, a Japanese phone. It just had a little front-facing camera, and there was no memory for more than 20 pictures.


Cellphones had become even more compact and lightweight by the turn of the century. In 2000, Nokia released the 3310 smartphones. In addition, it is still among the best-selling cell phones today and one of the most well-known phones in history.



Although we are all so used to having cell phones as part of our daily lives, this device did not exist until recently. Who Invented the First Mobile Phone and what is the background to this? We answered the important question of Who Invented the First Mobile Phone in the World in this blog post along with the entire tale.