Benefits of Yoga Nidra and How to do Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is a form of guided meditation. Yoga Nindra asana is also known by many other forms. Nidra Yoga is also known as “yogic sleep” and “intuitive relaxation”. The practice is usually done lying down with a teacher leading the time. It is a practice to turn your attention inward and Surfing between waking and sleeping is a skill we learn. Where our body is naturally in its balanced state. By doing this, we balance and calm the breath. We become conscious and aware of the manifestation. As unconscious components enter a spontaneous state of deep, blissful awareness.

As we relax, we can easily and simply turn our full attention to the awareness and experience of nature. There are many benefits of Yoga Nidra. By doing this, you can stay healthy physically and mentally, this is a very simple and easy solution. Many types of asanas were mixed in this yoga. Many people stay away from stress and pressure with the help of this yoga.

What is Yoga Nidra?

Yoga Nidra is also called spiritual sleep. This is such a sleep that reflects the state of your body between sleeping and waking. This process reveals the state between sleep and wakefulness. In which you relax your whole body and increase new energy. In the beginning of this yoga nidra practice, you can sleep for some time. While doing this yoga nidra practice, you will gradually learn the right way. While doing this exercise, you first lie down straight on the ground or on the yoga mat and while meditating on your breath, meditate on your mind and the sound of your mind. After meditating on this for some time you will feel peace and this stage is called Yoga Nidra.

Benefits of yoga nidra

The benefits of Yoga Nidra are many. By doing this you get benefit both mentally and physically. In today’s time, people are mostly a victim of pressure and stress. To get out of this, people are using medicines in excess or using drugs. If you want that you too should be free from this pressure and tension, then you should practice this yoga daily. You can get rid of them through this nidra yoga 

Let us know about the benefits of Yoga Nidra-

  1. Yoga Nidra means spiritual sleep. This is such a sleep in which you go into a state of waking sleep. With the help of yoga nidra, you can relax your mind and body.
  2. With the help of this yoga sleep practice, it is helpful to do many more yoga postures, by doing which you can bring your body temperature to normal level.
  3. By this yoga nidra practice you get energy for other yoga poses after which you are able to do them.
  4. By doing this exercise, you can get rid of pressure and tension.
  5. By doing this, you get benefited mentally and physically.
  6. By doing this, you increase the efficiency of your body parts.
  7. With the benefit of Yoga Nidra, a person is able to get sleep even while awake.
  8. With the benefits of this yoga nidra, you can control your mind.
  9. By doing Yoga Nidra Asana, you can stay away from many diseases like heart disease, headache, stress, asthma, insomnia, diabetes, blood pressure, etc.

If you are in stress, then you must do this because by doing this you can get rid of this stressful life. This remedy is the best and the best. It is believed that doing this refreshes both the heart and the mind. By doing yoga nidra practice, you will be able to complete your sleep in less time and will be able to do any work for a longer time. It may take about 10 to 45 minutes to do this yoga.

How to do Yoga Nindra Asana?

If you want to do this and you have never done it before, then you can take the help of a yoga expert or you can do this yoga nidra practice by following the steps given by us. If you do this yoga under the guidance of a yoga expert, then you will be able to do it in a better way and you will also get more benefits. So let’s know how to do Yoga Nidra Asana?

  1. You must first choose an open place where no one will disturb you during this exercise. So that you can do this yoga nidra asana easily.
  2. You have to wear loose clothes to do an easy one and take a yoga mat or mat with you so that you can do this asana comfortably by laying on the ground.
  3. Lie on your back on a mat on the ground and close both your eyes.
  4. Now take a deep breath and then slowly bring your body and breath back to normal.
  5. Now calm down your mind and brain and stop the thoughts running in your mind. Keep calm.
  6. Now take your attention towards the right foot and paw. Now focus your attention on this place for some time and then while coming up move your attention to your thighs and knees.
  7. Now do the same process and focus on the left leg.
  8. After doing this exercise, now take your attention towards your middle organs (genitals, navel, stomach, chest).
  9. Now while doing the same, take the same process on your hands, palms, neck, face, forehead.
  10. After meditating on all body parts, take a long and deep breath and try to feel healthy vibrations in your body.
  11. After doing this, you now focus your attention towards your external environment.
  12. Now, taking a right turn, exhale slowly through your left nostril towards the outside. This will bring down your body temperature to normal.
  13. Now you slowly get up and sit down and open your eyes slowly.