Beas Kund Trekking

Beas Kund Trekking Considered to be a holy lake, this Kund is the original source of the Beas River which is situated in the Kullu Valley. Manyata or Beas, a sacred lake, is believed to be situated at an altitude of 3,650 meters in the lap of Hanuman Tibba and 7 sisters. It is said that sages used to take their daily bath in the ancient waters of this lake. The trek through Solang Valley to Beas is a very relaxing trek. The Beas Kund Trek, considered one of the easier treks in the Himachal Himalayan region, is a short trek of about three days from the popular hill station of Manali, situated at an altitude of 2,050 meters. The trek to Beas Kund trek is started from Manali and through Solang Nullah, this trek goes to Dhundi at a distance of about 3,150 meters. From Dhundi, the trek goes uphill to Bakartach, which is situated at an altitude of 3,300 meters and after climbing the moraine, the trek leads to Beas.

The trek covers a total distance of 16 km and takes you to the source of river Beas and has an elevation gain of 12,772 feet. One gets to experience the beauty of the region and the beautiful lake. The base point of the Beas trek is about 13 km from Manali. Solang Valley is situated at a distance of. Dotted with vast meadows, coniferous forests, small rivulets, and scenic camping sites, the Beas treats you to panoramic and scenic views of Indrasen Peak, Hanuman Tibba, Dhundi, Dev Tibba, and the Pir Panjal range. You will come across wild strawberries and mushroom bunds while trekking. Herds of sheep and goats will also be seen on the way. Moving on to the Beas Kund trek, you will get to see a Beas Kund Glacier. The path of this trek goes through forests, whose view is very beautiful. This trek gives you a different experience.

The trek has easy to moderate trekking trails. The best part of the Beas trek is the Beas Kund Lake situated at the top of the trek. According to mythological beliefs, sage Vyasa meditated on the banks of Beas Kund lakeyou will get to see a Beas Kund glacier. The path of this trek goes through forests, whose view is very beautiful. He used to bathe in this lake. The origin of Beas Kund trekking is believed to be from the Beas River. Beas River is considered one of the famous tourist spots of Manali. Beas is the center of attraction for tourists. It is believed that if someone has any disease related to the skin, then if he comes here and takes a bath in this pool, then that disease gets cured. According to the beliefs of the local people, it is said that sages used to do penance and take baths in this pool.

Beas Kund Trekking Quick Facts

Beas Kund trek is a very good one, you will experience a different adventure when you go there. The distance of this trek is about 16 kilometres and the height of this Kund is about 12772 feet. The level of this tracking ranges from easy to intermediate. This trek starts from Old Manali and ends at Solang Valley.

Trekking things to keep in mind

Before going on trekking, you must take his temperature information.

Go to the tracking of Beas Trekking.

Carry trekking shoes, gloves, jacket, trekking pants, etc. with you while trekking.

Do not consume or take any kind of intoxicant with you while trekking.

Do not do night-time trekking.

Do not spread dirt on the trekking, take care of cleanliness.

How to reach Beas Kund trekking?

If you want to go on Beas Kund trekking, then a question must be coming to your mind how to reach there? The Beas Kund trekking starting point starts from Mall Road in Manali. Which is also the starting point of the track. This trek is 12 km from the Mall Road of Manali. Many local modes of transport, cabs, and taxis are available to reach Old Manali from Mall Road. The best part of the Beas trek is the Beas Kund Lake situated at the top of the trek. you will get to see a Beas Kund glacier. The path of this trek goes through forests, whose view is very beautiful.

By Bus: – If you want to come by bus then you can come by bus as the bus goes to Beas which will drop you near Beas from where your trekking starts. The distance from Dharamshala to Beas is about 248 km. It is located about 55 km from Kullu. The bus stand that is present near Beas Kund is Solang Nala Bus Stand. As far as you can travel by bus.

BY TRAIN: – Baijnath Paprola Railway Station is the nearest railway station to Beas. From there you can take a taxi or bus to reach Beas.

By Air: – The nearest airport to Beas Kund is at Kullu Manali and Chandigarh. From there you can come here by taxi or bus.

best time to visit Beas Kund trek

The best time to visit the Beas Kund trek is May in summer and October in winter. The weather here is very good during this time. You can enjoy the views here while trekking. The weather is very pleasant at this time. you will get to see a Beas Kund glacier. The path of this trek goes through forests, whose view is very beautiful.