Best Yoga Center in Haridwar

Best Yoga Center in Haridwar: – If you have come or live in Haridwar and you want to do yoga so that you can lead a good and healthy life, then today we will talk about the best yoga ashram in this blog. Wherever you can do yoga and keep your life and your health healthy. So let us first know about Haridwar.

Haridwar is a beautiful and a holy city situated on the banks of river Ganga. It is declared as a holy place for Hindus and a heaven for pilgrims. Haridwar is such a city where there is a place of many deities of Hindu religion. Here the most popular and famous is the place of Lord Shiva, which people come from far and wide to see. The city helps its devotees and guests to get closer to the spirit of spirituality and God by helping them connect with God in a devotional spirit. Temples of many deities are located here. If you are in Haridwar and are looking for Best Yoga Center in Haridwar or Best Yoga Ashrams in Haridwar, then today we will tell you about Best Yoga Center and Best Yoga Ashrams in Haridwar.

List of Best Yoga Ashram in Haridwar

Pawan Dham Ashram

Pawan Dham Ashram is situated in a quiet place away from the hustle and bustle of Haridwar city. Pawan Dham Ashram is a quiet center where it is considered very good to do yoga, it is one of the yoga and meditation ashrams. Which mainly works for the welfare of non-profit organization, cows, or underprivileged sections towards Pawan Dham Santo and society. This Haridwar Ashram provides free food and lodging facilities for saints and pilgrims, as well as many exciting and fun-filled activities. It is popular for several ancient temples apart from the ashram. In which there are ancient idols of many Hindu deities. This temple is considered one of the famous Hindu pilgrimage places of Haridwar. This is one of the Best Yoga Ashrams and Best Yoga Center in Haridwar.

Activities happening here
  • Ganga ki Aarti
  • Aarti in the temple
  • Bhajan and Kirtan in temples
Location of Pawan Dham Ashram​

The location of this Best Yoga Ashram Haridwar is in Bhagirathi Nagar Haridwar.

Shree Sanjeevani Kriya Yoga Foundation

Many best yoga center are available in Haridwar. Shree Sanjeevani Kriya Yoga Foundation is one of the best yoga center. This yoga center is also known for many yoga centers and yoga ashrams. Yoga is a set of mental and physical practices. This yoga originated in our country India. By doing yoga asanas, our mind and body remain calm. In today’s time, many people are also seeing their under changes after adopting it. This is where you are in Haridwar and looking for yoga center, then this is the right yoga centers, you can learn many activities by visiting here.


Rishikul Colony Haridwar H O, Haridwar – 249401

Vishwa Jagrati YOG Trust

If you cannot go to Haridwar and want to do yoga at home, then Vishwa Jagrati Yoga Trust offers yoga classes at home, so that you can do it at home and make your body and mind fit and strong. This is the best in Haridwar. It also offers various types of yoga classesIt is considered one of the Yoga Center.


Super Complex Haridwar H O, Haridwar – 249401

Sri Shakti Dham Astrology Yoga Anusandhan

Sri Shakti Dham Jyotish Yoga Anusandhan is located in Kankhal Haridwar. This best yoga center provides the best experience to its customers. Because this helps them to build a trust customer base. It also does a variety of activities that keep your mind calm and your body agile and strong. Because of which you stay away from many diseases. It is considered to be one of the best yoga centers in Haridwar.


Hanumant Puram, Opp Daksh Ortho Hospital, Near BSNL Tower Kankhal, Haridwar – 249408

The Art of Living

This is one of the best yoga center in Haridwar, located at Bhel place of Art of Living Haridwar. It also conducts various activities and competitions. Due to which a person can make his body strong and agile by doing many types of activities. It also offers various types of yoga classes. It is famous for offering its yoga classes to its clients in many parts of Haridwar. It acts as a one stop destination. It is very famous in Haridwar.


N-15, Shivalik Nagar, BHEL Haridwar – 249401

Tripura Yogashram

Tripura Yogashram is situated at Kankhal place in Haridwar. It is considered to be one of the famous yoga center that provides services and yoga asanas to its clients in various parts. By doing this easy yoga, people can make their body and mind strong. It is one of the famous best yoga center in Haridwar. Many types of activities are done in this yoga center. It comes in the list of best yoga center in Haridwar.


Daksh Road, Kankhal Haridwar – 249408