Business ideas for women in India

Are you looking for business ideas for women?

There are several ways to start small business. In this blog we share small business ideas for women in india.  We are moving toward a democratic nation where men and women are equal in every way. Today’s women are more intelligent, capable, and career-minded. Though slower than in other nations, India has seen a huge increase in the number of women entrepreneurs, and the trend seems unstoppable.

Women’s entrepreneurial skills in the nation are starting to affect the economic position of society. In India, female company owners are building a name for themselves in a variety of industries, including content writing, journalism, fashion, and interior design.

Here are some business ideas for women in India

List of Top 8 Powerful business ideas for women in India. Women can start with a low investment and also take a banks loans for startups.

Content is the king of online platforms, including websites, graphic design, animation, and blogging. There are many forums and websites for freelancers where you can originally find reliable clients. In addition to using these platforms, you can launch your website.

The need for content writers has grown mainly as a result of the internet and e-Commerce. This is the ideal business deal if you have a creative mind or a skilled writer. This is a business that you can launch from your home with no startup costs.

Social Media Influencer

As social media influencers have been in high demand for sometimes, you can also go into this field. Any skill, such as cosmetics, travel, food, fashion, education, etc., can assist you in becoming an influencer.

In order to boost the number of loyal content consumers, you would need to engage in regular interactions with your viewers or followers as well as submit photographs, videos, and blogs. Your phone’s camera will be the key to your success. There is no investment required for this business; all you have to do is deliver great original, valuable material.

Sale products on E-Commerce platforms

E-commerce makes it possible to sell and buy goods from the comfort of your own home.   With technology, everything is easily available nearby. Another successful strategy for a woman-owned small business is to sell things online through sites like Amazon and Flipkart. 

Women can earn money by showing their talent thanks to websites that allow online commerce, such as Amazon. Vendors providing handmade goods like candles, soaps, and homemade items are simple to find. Just show off your creativity to quickly be paid for your work.

Event Planner

Women are naturally excellent planners and organizers. If you hold these abilities, event planning may be a fantastic career choice for you. Multitasking and effective departmental coordination are requirements for this profession.

It would be beneficial if you took advantage of every chance to organize an event, such as a birthday party, business or social event, retirement celebration, or any other local event. When there are many events going-on at once, you need to be sure you can handle them all successfully, and you’ll need a great staff to do that.

Making contacts with decorators, caterers, flower arrangers, photographers, DJs, and other service providers should always be your top priority when starting event preparation. This is key to making your event the best possible.

App Development

This can be the ideal business for women with low investment if you are interested in app development. Now, every major company and brand has an app, making app development very popular. Therefore, they require users who can regularly update the app with fresh concepts that set this apart from competitors.

Any topic that attracts you can be the topic of an app, or if you have an original idea, that’s all you need to do. This is a great business concept that can result in a sizable profit.


For female business owners who are creative and enjoy making each handmade item for decorating, this is a really attractive and profitable business idea. Due to their originality and individuality, handmade goods are facing a worldwide transition.

You are able to create jute bags, woodwork crafts, embroidery, homemade goods, and anything else you are good at. These goods are highly expensive; you may either create your own website and sell them there or contact any major online retailer, such Amazon, Flipkart, etc., and sell your goods there.

If you can find customers, starting this business will only cost you between Rs. 1000 and Rs. 2000, and you could make thousands of rupees in a single month.

List of different types of clothing styles for women

Clothing, jewellery, and accessory-related businesses have long been popular with women around the world. If you enjoy creating clothes and have a great sense of style, you may make this your profession. By designing the most fashionable and comfortable clothing, you may launch your fashion business and make your customers happy.

The low original investment and the fact that clients will prefer to reach you directly if they like your sense of style and design, this is a profitable work.

Tiffin Service

As we know women enjoy cooking and find satisfaction in turning their hobby into a career, this is one of the most common business ideas for women. Also, you can create a list of friends and family members and inform them about this business.

Make sure to use high-quality products, and make sure your presentation is outstanding. Also, you can post ads around businesses and colleges where people are looking for home-cooked meals.